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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What is the PBN Domain?

PBN Domains PBN is Private Blog Network and PBN Domains is a set of domains that you own. It is usually done using expired domains. An expired domain is used because it may have content, backlinks and authority thereby making it easier to rank in search engines. If a domain is no longer registered, you can buy it at cheap rates by registering the same for yourself. It is the easiest and cheapest way of owning a domain. Why PBN Domains? PBN Domains are powerful. It most probably has content and backlinks. We say it is powerful because you can control the content and links within the domain. You can change the content of the expired domain related to your niche and with the help of anchor text you can link to your money site. In addition to this you can pass on the link juice to your money site. The money site you have may be a recent addition and may not be ranking high in search engines and so using the link juice of an expired domain to pass on to your site via links makes sense. Remember that an expired domain has more ranking power than a recent one since it has more authority. It may also have more backlinks pointing to it which makes it more authoritative. What you need to know? Here is some basic stuff you need to know when you look for a PBN Domain: 1. Trust flow – High trust flow indicates a good page rank or PR links to domain. 2. DA – Domain authority should be 15-25 3. PA – Page authority should be 20-30 4. Backlink profile – check if the back links are good or spammy. To verify data of the domain you can use Majestic seo, Moz open site explorer or Ahrefs.